Geological services

• Reservoir sedimentology and diagenesis (clastic and carbonate)
• Core logging and facies description and analysis
• Rock-typing and petrophysics
• Quantitative petrography and mineralogy, including clay analysis
• Biostratigraphy
• Fault and fracture characterization
• Discrete fracture network modelling
• Geomechanical stratigraphy
• Impact on reservoir properties

Analytical Services

• Reservoir sedimentology and diagenesis
SEM / EDS / XRD / XRF / CT-Scan
• Rock-typing and petrophysics
Porosimetry / Permeability (water & gas),
Acoustic properties,
Electrical properties
• Image analysis
Textural analysis,
Clay mineralogy,
Geochemistry (stable isotopes C, O, Sr)


In partnership with University of Geneva:
• Bulk modal analysis
• Particle maps
• Locked and liberated textural analysis
• Size-by-size, mineral-by-mineral chemical assay
• Trace mineral hunt and search capabilities
• Viewing software allows the user to analyze particle maps and determine:
• Grains and particle size
• Shape factor
• Particle type
• Proportion of mineral species present
• solate sub-sets of particles with the creation of particle characteristic screens
• Degree of mineral liberation