Our integrated team brings a broad geological, geophysical and reservoir engineering skill sets at your service.
The key value offered by Geneva Earth Resources consultants with 15+ years of individual experience, results from several years spent together in international operating exploration and production companies and service providers while maintaining strong links with academic institutions at the forefront of innovative applied science.

Our consolidated team-experience, is dedicated to providing valuable fit-for-purpose support to the geo-energy industry ranging from hydrocarbon, geothermal to geological sequestration of carbon dioxide, underground storage of gas and nuclear waste deposits projects.

Geneva Earth Resources consultants work in a wide range of regions worldwide, in a variety of settings and environments and type of geo-energy projects ranging from prospect evaluation to detailed reservoir and well studies.

In a changing world, where managing energy supply is becoming one of the most important societal and environmental issue, we are convinced that our experience will enable efficient use of technology and expertise across all geo-energy sectors, thus offering effective and efficient solutions.

Expertise and skills for fit-for-purpose solutions to the earth resources industry

GER SA is an integrated multidisciplinary team of geo-energy and mineral resources professionals offering expertise and skills for fit-for-purpose solutions to the industry and societal needs.
Several years of experience will assist and support hydrocarbon, hydro-geological, geothermal, underground gas/carbon dioxide, nuclear waste storage and geo-engineering projects from conception to realization. The strategic partnership with selected groups of professionals with complementary skills and expertise, fits with GER’s vision to become a one-stop shop referencee to clients looking for fit-for-purpose and cost-effective solutions.

Technical Professionals

• Strong group of senior consultants technically driven, with past industry experience in various setting and projects
• Well established dynamic team with strong integrated work experience
• Senior consultants with business and project management experience
• Junior consultants with strong background in new and innovative solutions with strong links to R&D centers of excellence.

Regional experience of GER's professionals

• Europe
Barents Sea, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, North Sea, Ukraine, Spain, Switzerland
• Africa
Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Gabon, Guiana, Ivory-Coast, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Uganda, Senegal.
• Middle East
Emirates, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria
• Americas
Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, United States, Venezuela
• Asia-Pacific
Australia, Brunei, China, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, New Zealand

Knowledge of software

• Petrel
• GoCAD, Skua, Geolog
• Isatis
• Kappa suite (Saphir, Topaze, Rubis)
• Kingdom Suite, Seisware
• OpendTect
• ProMax
• Oasis Montaj
• Res2DInv / 3DInv
• Techlog
• PetroMod
• Temis

GER SA partners are here to assist our clients on a large range of expertise

Experts on applied geophysics. Design, acquisition, processing and interpretation of geophysical surveys are their key competence. If you’ve a challenging geological issue, they’re here to help.


NiMBUC Geosciences
A Vienna based team of experienced Geologists and Geoscientists with more than 60 years of professional experience from projects all over the world in different structural and stratigraphic settings.
Their services include Processing, Structural and Sedimentological Interpretation of Borehole Image Logs, Interpretation of Cores, Open Hole and Petrophysical Data for the oil and gas industry and for geothermal projects.


Founded by two geoscientists from the University of Lausanne, each with more than 20 years of international experience, Pro-Gaïa Invest SA was born in 2018 from a desire to make the exploration, evaluation and development of new geo-energies in Switzerland benefit from the local skills of a vast interdisciplinary network of experts in subsurface studies. Through close collaboration with its clients, Pro-Gaïa Invest SA defines and executes study and data acquisition plans adapted to geological, administrative and financial specificities. By using recognised management techniques for major projects, financial resources are prioritised to reduce the most important risks. This results in cost savings and accelerated implementation. Currently active in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva, Pro-Gaïa Invest SA is looking for new clients and partners in order to perpetuate its activities and partnership with GER SA and extend the impact of its knowledge and skills.

TELLUS Energy Sarl

Specialised in well planning, well drilling well construction including directional drilling will ensure high quality advices and operational assistance ensuring cost-effective best practice and technology consillidated within the hydrocarbon industry will be successfully implemented at the service of Geothermal exploration, appraisal and development projects.
This partnership represents another important milestone toward GER’s vision to become a one-stop shop to support investors and project leader towards the Geothermal energy development in Switzerland and beyond.