GER trusted partnerships with a number of selected partners and business alliances can provide geoscience and geophysical data acquisition ranging from a variety of compositional and textural analysis of rock samples to multi-method geophysical surveys coupling gravity to seismic and ERT.

GER professional will assist our client to select the best and most cost effective and fit-for-purpose methods to extract the maximum value for information from any data acquisition activities which is considered adding value to the project.

Seismic Surveys

• 240 channels for high resolution
• 1000 channels for vibro-seismic survey
• Vibrators (MiniVib, 30’000 & 50’000 pounds)
• Weightdrops up to 8’000J
• Cartridge seismic gun
• Explosive licence

Multi-method Geophysical Surveys

2×96 channels up to 10m spacing
2xSyscal Pro
• Microgravity
5 Scintrex CG-5
• Electromagnetism
EM31, 34, 38
DualEM 421
• Surveying
7 DGPS Trimble
2 Leica automatic level