Reservoir Geology & Modelling

  • Reservoir Geology & Modelling
  • Data and science-based geological concepts
  • Definition of realistic conceptual geological models and associated uncertainties.
  • Deliver comprehensive and integrated analysis and interpretation including, but not limited to:
    • structural, sedimentological  and architectural parameters controlling reservoir property distribution and connectivity,
    • reservoir property distribution including integration of routine parameters such as effective porosity, permeability, water saturation. etc.
    • Diagenesis (clastic and carbonate)
    • Core logging and facies description and analysis
    • Rock-typing and petrophysics
    • Quantitative petrography and mineralogy, including clay analysis
    • Biostratigraphic data interpretation
    • Fault and fracture characterization
    • Discrete fracture network modelling
    • Geomechanical stratigraphy
  • Fit-for-purpose static models for:
    • basis for basin analysis and petroleum system modelling
    • calculate in-place volumes
    • tool for well target identification for field development
    • etc.


  • Extract full value from well log data (including BHI, NMR etc)
  • Maximise the understanding of the reservoir and contained fluids.
  • Use our large analogue data base from basins worldwide
  • Single well and field-wide studies.
  • Operational experience to assist in designing optimal well logging acquisition campaigns
  • Performing integrated interpretation using logs, test results, core data, bore hole images, and other inputs.
  • Build fit-for-purpose comprehensive data base by integrating new and existing data for single well, multi-well, and field-wide studies.


  • Geophysical Acquisition Design of 2D and 3D onshore and offshore seismic surveys.
  • Optimisation and cost-efficient solutions to achieve bottom-line results.
  • Support in designing and processing services include gravity, electric electromagnetic data and passive seismicity monitoring.
  • Seismic processing and modelling aims at extracting maximum value from geophysical raw data.
  • Signal enhancement, noise/signal optimisation and inversion
  • Rock-physics analysis and AVO modelling.
  • Geological interpretation of geophysical data types such as seismic, gravity and electromagnetic
  • Integration of all available data (wells, outcrop data) together with regional geological knowledge ensuring a consistent and coherent conceptual model(s) and related uncertainties and alternative interpretation.
  • Use of GER’s extensive worldwide experience and large variety of analogues and techniques (i.e. seismic sequence stratigraphy) to assist data interpretation.

Geophysical Acquisition Design and operations are carried out in partnership with Geo2X (Switzerland) and Geo2X Africa(Senegal).

When required the GER’s specialised partners such as Realtime Seismic (France) will be involved.


Reservoir Engineering

  • Establish fit-for-purpose reservoir engineering studies
  • Quantifyication ofdynamic reservoir parameters
  • Implementation and monitoring of  conventional methods as well as numerical simulation.
  • Realistic dynamic models to perform scenarios-based prediction of liquid and gas flow over time,
  • History matches
  • Reliable production forecasts.
  • Quality check, validate and maximising value extraction from a large variety of both modern and vintage reservoir data.
  • Proven expertise in IOR and EOR
  • Proven expertise in geothermal systems with high and low temperature and pressure regimes.

Well Engineering

drilling United Dawn
  • Well Planning Design and Operation.
  • Provide guidance and assistence during operation from well spud to well delivery and testing.
  • Workover design and implementatio.
  • Re-entry program.
  • Enhanced production techniques such as, and not limited to:
    • multizone comingled production in a well,
    • separate zone production,
    • artificial lift,
    • fracturing,
    • acidizing,
    • sand control,
    • water shutoff after flowing production, etc.
  • Provide advise on optimised and cost-effective drilling and completion design best fitting the key well objectives and geological conditions.
  • Implementation of an integrated team approach with reservoir geologist, reservoir and petroleum production engineers
  • Ensuring best-in-class result which provides the basis for successful drilling and completion operations.

Well engineering activities if required can be carried out with our trusted partner Tellus Energy sarl


  • Front-end Engineering & Detailed design
  • Provide technical support and evaluation services supporting
    • customised front-end and
    • detailed design studies associated with
      • green field engineering projects and
      • mature field development optimization programs